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  • tripdeals.FUN, Inc. is a FL Corporation, through a Registered Agent.
  • Mailing Address:tripdeals.FUN, 3825 E. Calumet Street, Suite 400-112, Appleton, WI 54915
  • Registered Agent:Registered Agents, Inc., 7901 4th St N, STE 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33702
  • tripdeals.FUN does not save or retain any credit card information. Its credit processing partners may and users should refer to those specific users for information regarding the storing of credit card numbers and other sensitive information.
  • tripdeals.FUN are not liable for the actions of, or damages from, its advertisers, third party vendors or Travel Agents/Travel Planners that work for companies other than tripdeals.FUN, Inc.
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  • Though tripdeals.fun does not use cookies it does use "Session Variables", which are created to shift from screen to screen while retaining key data. These sessions are terminated when the browser is completely closed or if the "LOGOUT" button on the home page is selected.
  • "Session Variables" used by tripdeals.FUN will never contain information that is considered to be "sensitive", though it could include your email address or name.
  • Offers created through banner ads and postings of third parties are assumed to be accurate when reviewed by tripdeals.FUN. tripdeals.FUN is not liable for any expenses, or damages, created by these advertisers or third parties.
  • tripdeals.FUN reserves the right to reject any advertisements at its own discretion. Any prepaid advertising will be prorated and refunded as outlined within these terms.
  • tripdeals.FUN reserves the right to reject, and terminate the account of, any Travel Planners or Agents at its own discretion. Any prepaid advertising will be prorated and refunded as outlined within these terms.
  • tripdeals.FUN reserves the right to terminate the account of any user at its own discretion, as well as delete any information, travel guides and chats made by those users
  • tripdeals.fun hosts its site and data externally, with a reputable provider. tripdeals.FUN is not responsible for uscheduled downtime or service failures (including data breaches or losses) associated with this vendor.
  • Except for those Travel Planners/Travel Agents that list their agency as tripdeals.FUN, Travel Planners/Agents operate independently of tripdeals.FUN, Inc. Users of this site release tripdeals.FUN of any damages, settlements or compalints associated with the actions or malpractice of those agents.
  • Travel Planners/Agents that work for tripdeals.FUN, Inc. do not retain, write down or record credit card information. As such, this may require those customers booking travel with tripdeals.FUN agents to provide this critical information multiple times.