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Air Service Solutions: What will your market look like after COVID-19?
As we band together as a nation to overcome the COVID-19 Virus, it is certain that the travel industry will not look like it did at the beginning of 2020, at least for a long time. As the major carriers speed up the retirement timelines of many of their mainline aircraft, and some openly state that they will be smaller than they were...the question of how this impacts your city arises. As larger/older mainline aircraft (A330s,767s,757s) and midsize/regional fleets (MDs and many CRJs) are put into the desert will the remaining aircraft be used to backfill routes the retired aircraft covered, or will your service remain intact? The team at tripdeals.FUN believes that this could be an opportunity to let cities play a role in what markets they will serve, and bring service to the many communities through the use of PART-380 flights to prime destinations (direct cities other than hubs). How valuable is it to your city to secure nonstop flights from your airport to secondary markets (Florida, DC, Vegas, etc.) early in the recovery? How would you like to cater your airport's service offering?

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Augusta, GA Proposal CLICK HERE
Fort Myers, FL Stock Offering CLICK HERE

What Markets Are Prospects For You?

Tourism Markets With Higher Travel Commissions
(commissions enhance revenue/lower base ticket prices)
  • Orlando/S. California - Disney Markets
    Minimum 2x Weekly
  • Fort Lauderdale/Miami - Cruises/Caribbean
    2x or 3x Weekly
  • Mexico - All Inclusives/Resorts
    1x Weekly (winter)
  • Las Vegas - Resorts & Shows/Entertainment
    2x Weekly
  • Honolulu - Disney/Heavy Hilton/Heavy Marriott
    1x Weekly (Saturday)
  • Anchorage - Cruises/Tours/Hunting & Fishing
    1x Weekly (Summer)
Markets With Key Demands
(markets with lower travel commissions, but high demand)
  • Fort Myers - Winter demand (Midwest)
    1x-2x Weekly (winter)
  • Tampa Area - Disney/Gulf Coast (Midwest)
    1x-2x Weekly (winter)
  • Washington DC - Steady Demand
    1x-2x Weekly
  • Beach Destinations
  • Denver
    2x Weekly
  • Ad Hoc/One Off Destinations
    Sporting Events, Vacation Packages, Etc
  • London (Stansted/Luton) - Steady Demand
    1x Weekly
Markets With Customs Pre Clearance
(smaller airports would not need customs)
  • Bahamas
    Winter Offering
  • Aruba
  • Bermuda
  • Dublin
  • Canada
    Would depend on demand

In 2012, some members of the tripdeals.FUN team started a charter operator that offered nonstop flights between Green Bay (GRB) and points in Florida. The operation brought customized/higher level service to the city and immediate nonstop service from GRB to Orlando ( pair with Disney's Magic Express) and Fort Myers (to accommodate the midwestern based snowbirds). In addition, these flights brought much needed revenue in the form of PFCs/parking revenue and significant attention to the viability of the GRB market.

In May 2020 tripdeals.FUN submitted a proposal for service to Augusta, GA (AGS) (CLICK HERE), and tripdeals.FUN is currently conducting a Regulation D offering that is expected to provide nonstop service from Fort Myers (RSW) to Green Bay, WI (GRB), Punta Cana (PUJ) and Cancun (CUN), as well as connecting and direct service from GRB to Punta Cana and Cancun. The Company would like to start these flights in October 2021 (dependent on sale of shares). Details can be found HERE.


Though it is impossible to calculate every benefit created by new flights and service, there is no doubt that cities receive substantial benefits from new service. Initial/measurable benefits created by this service are expected to include:
  • PFCs - Approximately $70,000 per year for each lane launched.
  • Parking Revenue - Estimated $300,000 per year for each lane launched.
  • New Passengers - It is likely that the passengers that utilize this service have been "leakage" or going to other airports.
  • New Business - Each operation will receive one or two tripdeals.FUN ticket/travel offices in their city.
  • Jobs Created - Every position created by tripdeals.FUN will be new jobs created for the local market.
  • New Service - New service city(ies) created for your market.

  • What Would The Service Look Like?

    There is not one particular model that tripdeals.FUN would represent but would have aspects of multiple companies. Our goal would be to establish a presence within a market and excite the people that live there about the flights and services we offer.
    • Flights - Flights will be less than daily, resembling some of the low-cost carriers. Though a Part380 Operator, tripdeals.FUN will be seeking a check in desk at the airport associated with these flights.
    • Travel Agency - Like many services in Europe, tripdeals.FUN will maintain local offices selling vacation packages, flights, hotels and more. Vacations can be booked anywhere, but primary purpose of office is to fill the flights that tripdeals.FUN operate out of the city.
    • Local Business - tripdeals.FUN will hire locally, participate in local activities, will be a member of the local chambers and a local entity will be incorporated within your state...representing the local offices and flights. Funds will be used locally to support the airport, purchase advertising in the local media, contribute to local charities, purchase supplies from local businesses and pay local taxes.
    • Full Service - Though tripdeals.FUN will maintain a toll-free number, the local representatives (previously mentioned offices) will be available if passengers want to stop by an office and work on an issue, book a flight, etc. in person.
    • Tour Company - With a presence at the airport and in the local market, tripdeals.FUN will offer ad hoc vacation packages and flights, like the tour companies that specialize in Mexico and Hawaii all-inclusive packages.
    • Locally Owned - tripdeals.FUN intends to limit this opportunity to one airport per state as we intend to issue Private Placement Shares for each operation, and it can be assumed that most of the shares sold for any location will be owned by local Accredited Investors, business leaders and residents.
    • Philanthropy - tripdeals.FUN intends to actively support local charities, particularly Make A Wish (flights to destinations).

    The Process

    Step 1: The Airport/Market Expresses An Interest In Flights
    If you are interested in hearing a proposal from tripdeals.FUN please EMAIL tripdeals.FUN, or send an inquiry to the address at the top of this page. THIS INQUIRY CAN COME FROM THE CITY, AIRPORT OR LOCAL INVESTOR/BUSINESS LEADER.

    Step 2: tripdeals.FUN Business Case
    Free of charge, tripdeals.FUN will create a business case based on your market, desired flights and information shared through your inquiry.

    Step 3: Startup Funds/Grants/Loans Identified (Implementation Started Upon Receipt)
    To properly fund the new operation, a Private Placement Offering is expected to be conducted for Accredited Investors. Prior to a Private Placement being conducted an unsecured startup loan and/or grant must be supplied in the estimated amount of $1,000,000. These startup funds will allow the operation to start the implementation phase, and can be provided through established programs, banks or local citizens that are excited about aviation or the prospect of participating on the Board of an entity like the one being created. The estimated use of these proceeds are outlined below, and the newly formed entity will provide weekly detail of all expenditures for review by the Board of Directors along with a progress report tied to the Implementation Project Plan. For the sake of budgeting, tripdeals.FUN has assumed a 10-year loan of $1,000,000 with a 5% interest rate and monthly payments of $10,606.55. No further action is taken by tripdeals.FUN until these startup funds are secured.

    Step 4: Local Legal Entity Is Created
    As a note, tripdeals.FUN is a Florida Corporation. For each operation, a new entity with a Board of Directors made up of Shareholders/Stakeholders associated with this new operation, that is independent of tripdeals.FUN, will be established within the state of the operation. Each state has particular rules regarding incorporation of businesses and the issuance of Private Placement shares that must be adhered to, and could impact or change the proposed implementation plan.

    Step 5: Private Placement Offering (shares) Developed
    Though a loan is provided to cover the implementation related costs of the operation, a Private Placement Offering in the name of the new organization will be filed and conducted. Funds from this offering will be used to help ensure the longevity of the operation, as well as provide potential funding for expansions and new services. These offerings will only be available to Accredited Investors. Each state has particular rules regarding incorporation of businesses and the issuance of Private Placement shares that must be adhered to, and could impact or change the proposed implementation plan.

    Step 6: Implementation Conducted
    Upon securing the startup funding and creating a new entity that represents this operation, a formal implementation will commence based on a preestablished project plan and timeline. AN IMPLEMENATION PERIOD OF AT LEAST 10 MONTHS SHOULD BE ASSUMED! Key aspects of the implementation include, but are not limited to:
  • Incorporation of new entity within the state. tripdeals.FUN intends to limit this opportunity to one airport per state.
  • Conducting of bid for flights with FAA certified carriers
  • Contracting of an escrow management company, as required by the Part 380 statute
  • Establishment of agreements with local airport
  • Establishment of one or two local ticket/travel offices (these are full service agency locations and can immediately book traditional travel)
  • Private Placement Offering (stock sale) for the general funding of the new company
  • Establishment of credit card processing agreements for new entity (if needed)
  • Filing of DOT paperwork for Part 380 operations
  • Ticket Sales (ideally a period of at least 6 months of ticket sales will take place prior to the first flight)
  • Establishment of relationships with destination airports (if not already established)
  • Development and implementation of all marketing activities and promotions
  • Hiring and training of staff

  • Estimated Use of Start Up Funds
    For each new operation, tripdeals.FUN utilizes an estimated startup budget of $1,000,000. In each case the use of funds will be overseen by tripdeals.FUN and the new entity's Board of Directors which would include the party that has issued the loan and/or grant to get started. Though each operation is unique, the estimated use of proceeds are as follows:
    • $200,000 - Surety Bond Deposit
      The DOT requires a $200,000 surety bond, and most banks will require full collateral. The bond is held by the DOT for incidentals in the event an operation ceases flights, and is released after the DOT review (minus any incidentals) ...thus releasing the bank deposit. Note, that this process can take up to 365 days or longer to formally release.
    • $185,000 - Salaries & Benefits
      Payroll, benefits and taxes prior to the first flight. Some of this cost will be applied/paid to tripdeals.FUN for support labor.
    • $170,000 - Marketing & Branding
      Marketing purchased/created to promote these new flights within the sponsoring market.
    • $125,000 - Retained Capital For Operations
      Though a Private Placement Offering is planned for each operation/new entity, funds are held for operations, in the event they are needed.
    • $106,000 - Loan Payments
      Assumes payments prior to first flight for a 10-year loan with a 5% interest rate and a startup period of a maximum of 10 months.
    • $ 80,000 - Office Establishment
      For each operation, tripdeals.FUN intends to open one or two Agency/Ticket Offices in each sponsoring market. These funds include rent, office setup, computers, etc.
    • $ 40,000 - System Deployment
      These funds are allocated to tripdeals.FUN for deployment of the reservation system and any customization needed.
    • $ 40,000 - Legal & Accounting
      These funds are utilized for the accounting and legal work associated with any agreements, the issuance of Private Placement shares and to ensure the operation does not "cross into" a State's description of a franchise...and if so file correctly.
    • $ 24,000 - Private Placement Promotion
      These funds are reserved for the promotion of the Private Placement Shares associated with the new entity created for an operation.
    • $ 20,000 - Phone/Utility
      Funds budgeted for any unforeseen phone or utility installation.
    • $ 10,000 - Miscellaneous
      Funds budgeted for miscellaneous expenses...including travel.

    We thank you for your time and would be happy to put together a proposal for your city. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at the address or via the email link on the top of this page. Thank you.

    Additional Notes
    tripdeals.FUN is a Florida Corporation, with a Registered Agent.

    This page is not selling tickets on flights or promoting specific flights. Upon funding, all flights will be registered with the DOT under its Part 380 statute, and only upon approval would tickets associated with these proposed operations be sold.